Žene u STEM – NASA lavirinti za djecu

NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) je pripremila nekoliko zabavnih mozgalica za najmlađe. Tema koju ovoga puta donosimo su žene u STEM (skr. Science Technology Engineering Math, engl. Nauka Tehnologija Inžinjerstvo Matematika).

NASA Scientist Jie Gong studies Earth’s atmosphere. She uses data from satellites to understand where and when snow might fall. She also studies ice clouds and hail.
NASA Technologist Mahmooda Sultana is an award-winning inventor! Mahmooda and her team are working on a new type of sensor that could help when humans go to the Moon and Mars. Sensors on spacesuits could check astronauts' health.
NASA hires about 20 types of engineers. Michelle Easter is a mechatronics engineer. Michelle’s job is similar to robotics engineering. She adds electricity and computer code to machines so they can do awesome things. Right now, she’s working on a satellite that will study Earth’s oceans.
Jeanette Scissum was a mathematician. In 1967, she wrote a report about how to use mathematics to better predict sunspot cycles.